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Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml

 (13 reviews)
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The GeekVape Cerberus is a marvelous subohm tank, including the beat filling system with 5.5ml huge e-juice capacity. Along with the innovative super mesh coil system and the movable foot airflow plan, the Cerberus tank will bring  flavor and colossal clouds to you. Impeccably consistent with the GeekVape NOVA 200W TC Box MOD. No falteringjust take the GeekVape Cerberus tank presently

1. Easy Top Filling Design with 5.5ml Large E-juice Capacity
2. Innovative Super Mesh Coil for Optimal Flavor
3. Compatible with TFV8 Baby Coils
4. Adjustable Bottom Airflow Control

Brand: GeekVape
Size: 27 x 46.8mm
Capacity: 5.5ml(Extra 4ml regular glass tube included)
Coil Type: Super Mesh X1 Coil 0.2ohm KA1(best at 60-80W)
Thread: 510 thread
Unit: 1Set
Color: Black/Gunmetal/Blue/Rainbow
Package: Gift Box

Each set contains:
1pc Cerberus Subohm Tank
1pc Spare Glass Tube 4ml
1pc User Manual
Spare Parts

Short review about Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer

GeekVape has long been considered exemplary in this direction, and the fact that it decided to re-release the Cerberus tank known to many vapers is not surprising, so the Geekvape Cerberus Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml saw the light, which uses new evaporators and certain innovative technical solutions.

Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml is a modern clearomizer with a good tank volume, stylish design and convenient top refilling from GeekVape. The volume of the e-liquid reservoir is 5.5 ml thanks to the expanded glass. The novelty works on the productive Super Mesh X1 replaceable evaporators, which use a stainless steel mesh as a heating element, which contributes to the largest evaporation area, which means bright taste and excellent vapour level. Compact size, 25mm base diameter and 510 threaded connectors make this model compatible with most modern battery packs.

Cerberus is a maintenance-free GeekVape atomizer that comes with a pair of mesh coils. It looks quite simple, but it piles decently, giving a good transfer of taste. There are no innovations here, the design has been run in for years: top filling, bottom airflow and two glass options. Since the tank is a logical continuation of the Aero Mesh Sub Ohm Tank, the evaporators are compatible with them, and earlier IM versions can be used.

The GeekVape Cerberus tank 5.5ml is a simple style tank with excellent functionality, convenient top filling and top airflow. The volume of the e-liquid tank is 5.5 ml thanks to bubble glass, which makes the tank quite compact. Cerberus works on powerful mesh evaporators of the Super Mesh series - they have a fairly large evaporation area, which contributes to a bright flavour transfer. Cerberus is equipped with a top airflow that will protect against leaks. Refuelling is also top, which allows you to easily refill it during the day. With a 25mm diameter and 510 threaded connectors, the atomizer is compatible with most modern battery packs.

Geekvape Cerberus Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml; A medium-sized atomizer designed to fit New Supermesh X Coil series coils for excellent flavour and bulk. The new tank looks quite traditional, slightly reminiscent of its predecessor; neat design and slightly protruding functional elements. Especially for this atomizer, the company developed new evaporators of the New Supermesh X Coil series, so there will be no problems with consumables. The bottom blower is adjustable with a standard ring, so you can get a good taste guaranteed. You can buy Geekvape Cerberus Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml from us.

The Cerberus Sub Ohm Tank atomizer was presented by Geekvape at the end of 2018, and during this time it has not lost its relevance, since the vaper is guaranteed to get a tasty and bulky tank, which is still in demand. Deciding to update it a little, the company released the Geekvape Cerberus Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml, for which special vaporizers were developed. We can confidently say that the new tank was developed to replace the old one, which was used by the company more than once as a complete atomizer for many box mods.

The Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml looks quite decent, but not particularly strict, since it resembles not just a cylinder, but disks of various diameters stacked on top of each other, due to which the tank is quite original. It is worth saying that such a design is due not only to aesthetic considerations but also to the design features of the tank since each element has its functional purpose. Tank diameter; 27 mm, so you should try Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml on a box mod before buying.

The tank is initially equipped with a 5.5 ml bubble glass, which is quite enough for many vapers, but in light of the latest vaping trends, this volume may not be very large. Drip-type 810th also performs the function of additional blocking of the tank lid.

Especially for the Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml, the company has developed new vaporizers of the New Supermesh X Coil series. Naturally, such evaporators, which are currently presented in two versions of resistance 0.2 and 0.4 Ohm, are on a grid, thanks to which flavour transfer and bulk are guaranteed. According to unverified information on the Internet, evaporators from the TFV8 Baby Coils series from Smok can be installed in the tank, but this still needs to be verified in practice, since the tank has just been presented recently.

The Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml has a bottom blower, which is adjusted using a traditional rotary ring located at the bottom of the tank, and the air intake holes are quite large.

The developers of the Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml paid special attention to creating reliable protection against children. For refuelling, you must first remove the 810 drip tip, turn the cap to the dot mark, slide the cap in a straight line, and only then pour the liquid into a sufficiently large hole.

The design of the Cerberus Tank Atomizer is neat and calm, and the amount of decor is minimal. By landing, we have a standard 25 mm, so on most mods non-servicemen will stand up evenly. The whole atomizer is disassembled into 6 parts: drip tip, top cap, steam pipe, glass, vaporizer and base.

The complete version of Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer will remain optimal, whose inner diameter narrows, repeating the size of the steam pipeline shaft. Below is a half-turn cover that hides two filling holes. The plane around them is even, but the liquid remaining on the site does not press outward, since there is a silicone gasket under the lid.

The flask is securely held by a wide top original a 5.5 ml straight glass is pre-installed. You can increase the capacity due to the complete bubble glass, which adds a tank of 2 mm in diameter but allows you to fill in 5 ml of e-liquid. The base here is a typical condensate collector. Replaceable evaporators are screwed here, inside touching the “floating” positive pin.

Vaporizers for Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml 

You can buy The Cerberus atomizer with delivery which comes with two interchangeable coils called Super Mesh X2. Both are 0.3 ohms and are rated for vaping power of 30-40 watts. Arranged vaporizers are standard: the heating element is a kanthal mesh (KA1), and organic cotton is used as a wick. In addition, there is 12 x 1.5 mm, so it will be great to pile a Cerberus tank on such evaporators.

The Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml is a fairly reliable tank with child protection. Every vaper who decides to make a purchase of the Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml will get the easiest tank to use, with excellent flavour and bulk. 

A great tank for beginners, easy to maintain, with a nice design and great taste.

Brands   Geekvape
Attr1 (from option)   Gunmetal
Attr2 (from option)   Cerberus Tank
(13 reviews)

Isaiah  |  16.11.2022
Really good, with great vapour and liquid smell, not disappointed with the purchase and super fast delivery on top!

Luke  |  02.11.2022
Super tank atomizer 5.5ml cerberus and compact atom with good bubble capacity, the coils have very good flavour transfer.

David  |  25.10.2022
Very good Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer and meets my expectations, I recommend it!

Naomi  |  14.10.2022
Long time I wanted Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml black red for the best price and finally bought it. I only found it in the collection, you could get confused and look separately, but it’s better to take it from a trusted seller. A tank atomizer Cerberus is just a bomb, worth the money.

Kinsley  |  01.10.2022
I would like to share my experience with the Cerberus tank black green 5.5ml. Advantages: + Good flavour transfer. + Vapors from smokes suit this geek vape tank + Native vapours hold for a very long time and convey more taste and vapour. + Tank capacity (plus spare glass) Minuses: - Leakage (I want to take this into account, but almost all types of clips are leaking, which means this is not a bug but a feature :D ) - An oversight in not filling and the vapour will burn out. So you will have to look at the level of slurry, not allowing it to be brought to zero. In general, I like everything, I advise you to purchase Geekvape Cerberus Atomizer 5.5ml for the cheapest price. For a beginner, a very good tank.


Geekvape Cerberus Tank Atomizer 5.5ml

  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Design
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