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Ispire The Wand Banger Cup

€22.61 €34.53
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Ispire The Wand Banger Inner Cup Short Description:

The Wand Banger Cup is suitable for Ispire The Wand Kit. It is made by Borosilicate Glass and will provide clean and sealed dabbing environment. There are concentrate cup and flower cup options.

Ispire The Wand Cup Parameters:

  • Brand: Ispire
  • Product Name: The Wand Banger Cup
  • Type: Concentrate cup, Flower cup
  • Fit for: Ispire The Wand Kit

The package of The Wand Cup Comes With:

  • 1* Ispire The Wand Banger Cup
Brands   Ispire
Type (from option)   Wax Cup
  Dry Herb Cup
(6 reviews)

Tilly  |  19.07.2021 Great Britain
fantastic discount considering how cheap it was anyway. very impressed with this market.

Steph  |  11.07.2021 Great Britain
Very concerned that my message won't get through and I hope it will. I would like to say a big thank you to the lady from customer support who was dealing with my refund. I really appreciate your involvement and care. You know who you are. Stephanie Mellow

Orla  |  09.07.2021 Great Britain
A unique and very special experience for me. I usually do not buy anything from the internet because I want to feel, touch and see the product with my own eyes. But Vawoo has proved me wrong. It is so amazing when you don't have to walk out of your house and still know you will get something winderful. Please trust it and try it. You will surely like it.

Jaxon  |  01.07.2021 Great Britain
Don't want to be annoying with my words and appraisal but I want to say that Vawoo has got that something to attract people back for more discoveries. I had my order delayed late but I still want to return. Even if it's going to arrive late again I will still try to order more. Strange, isn't it?

Branden  |  30.06.2021 Great Britain
2 times late and of course I cannot pretend this didn't happen. But i like this website for the products it displays and I hope something will get fixed.

Vivi  |  01.06.2021 Great Britain
This parcel has met too many obstacles on the way to meet me, lol. I have been waiting for it forever. But I do not mind a little wait if the products are this good all the time.


Ispire The Wand Banger Cup

  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Design
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