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Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

 (8 reviews)
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Kamry K1000 Plus includes a 1000mAh K1000 Plus Battery and a 4ml K1000 Plus Atomizer. It contains high-end Zinc Alloy and anode oxidation tech, bright layering colour that will never fade. The long size plastic drip tip is able to cool down cloud temperature easily. It reaches up to 30W max output and 15A max current. Thank to the LED fire button, you can easily check the power level. Plus the unique bottom structure, energy-saving mode and triple safety protection will bring you an amazing and comfortable vaping experience. Available in 2 colours: Black and Wood Grain. 

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

K1000 Plus Pipe Kit Parameters:

Brand Kamry
K1000 Plus Battery Size 28mm x 59mm
Battery Capacity 1000mAh
Output Voltage 3.3-4.2V
Output Wattage Max 30W full power output
Suitable Resistance 0.3ohm-9.9ohm
K1000 Plus Atomizer Size 21mm x 35mm (w/o thread and drip tip)
Tank Capacity 4ml
Atomizer Resistance 0.5ohm (21W-35W)

Kamry K1000 Plus E-Pipe Starter Kit Details:

  • 1. Nice curves design with comfortable hand-held feeling
  • 2. Compact and elegent atomizer, heating fast without burnt taste
  • 3. Anti-heating drip tip
  • 4. Built-in 1000mAh battery
  • 5. Triple safety protection for safe vaping
  • 6. Setting anywhere you want, no need holder
  • 7. Available in 2 colors: Black and Wood Grain 

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

The package of K1000 Plus ePipe Starter Kit Comes With:

● 1 x Kamry K1000 Plus Battery

● 1 x Kamry K1000 Plus Atomizer (pre-installed 0.5ohm coil)

● 1 x USB Cable

● 1 x Extra 0.5ohm Coil

● 1 x Manual


Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

Short review about Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

A wonderful and uncomplicated set for lovers of classic design. The case of the Mod is made of metal with a decorative coating under a noble walnut, the same decor has a drip tip made of Delrin.

The perfect gift for pipe lovers who want to try their hand at e-cigarettes, the Kamry K1000 Plus is the perfect kit. The Kamrytech brand of e-tubes and other vaporizers brings you an ePipe with great finishes and very nice ergonomics. The 1000mAh autonomy is perfect for this Kamry and its RDL coils, as well as the 4ml e-liquid tank.

This Kamry vape kit is the perfect vape kit for beginners or lovers of beautiful luxury e-cigarettes. Beautifully designed with a wood effect, the Kamry K1000 Plus features a diode system to let you know if you have enough battery left. This e-cigarette works with Kamry K1000 Plus resistors that are 0.5 ohms for use in the 21 to the 35-watt range. To purchase a Kamrytech vape that you can order online with delivery to your home, you will be provided with two resistors.

The Kamry K1000 Plus Clearomizer complements the battery perfectly. Constructed from stainless steel and a Pyrex clearomizer offers up to 4ml of e-liquid. The Pyrex tank is slightly set back from the stainless steel body, just enough to protect it from a direct drop. Filling takes place at the bottom of the clearomizer. K1000 Plus clearomizer with a 22mm diameter and 510 connection can be adapted to any mod and it fits perfectly with the K1000 Kamry e pipe battery.

The adjustable airflow of the clearomizer is the only adjustment available on the Kamry Pipe K1000 Plus. You can choose between airy and soft steam or dense steam rich in aroma.

The Kamry K1000 Plus e-pipe requires little to no setup and requires little in-depth knowledge to benefit from a high-quality vape experience. The eVaps team even came up with a Kamry K1000 Plus user manual just below with all the necessary instructions for this e-pipe so you can enjoy vaping with the utmost ease.

The Kamry K1000 Plus is a mouthpiece that is originally a kit from the popular Kamry K1000 Plus pipe, but at the same time, it has a 510 mounting standard, which allows it to be used with absolutely any tanks equipped with the same standard for fixing the mouthpiece in the top cap. The drip tip itself is made of wood and can be supplied in two colours - black or brown. Its length is 78 mm, so its use is most often justified either by the desire to get colder steam at the outlet or by the aesthetic considerations of each user. Drip types of this class are usually considered classic and are preferred by users who predominantly operate tanks with a tight cigarette puff. Mounting of the mouthpiece in the landing hole is provided by two o-rings mounted on its base.

A minimum of functions and ease of use does not mean that Kamry K1000 Plus is inferior in taste and bulk, for example, to the same Pollux 25. The complete clearomizer conveys the taste of liquid well and produces a decent amount of vapour.

 Practically, the K1000 Plus is a mechanical MOD, but with the functions of protection against short circuits, overheating, over-discharge of the battery and with the ability to block the Fire button from accidental pressing. On the body of the mod, there are 510 connectors, a micro USB port for charging the built-in battery and a backlit Fire button. The mod supports resistance from 0.3 to 9.9 Ω and has a built-in 1000 mAh battery. Charging the battery is possible both from any USB port and from a 220V network with a 1A network adapter.

The K1000 Plus Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer uses K1000 plus 0.5ohm resistors with a usage range of 21 to 35W. These cotton wick coils provide excellent flavour transfer. Partial mesh coverage avoids any risk of projection.

One of the obvious features of the Kamry K1000 Plus electronic vape tube is the Stem 510 format drip tip with a length of 72 mm. This length allows you to supply warm or cold steam. But above all, this Kamry K1000 drip tip allows this kit to offer the perfect aesthetic. Did you manage to test the Camry Epipe K1000? Leave a review for Kamry K1000 Plus to guide other vapers and vapers!

Very interesting design and good performance! This pipe format is suitable for both vapers and smokers. This model has the ability to adjust the blower, a replaceable flywheel, and the ability to wind any other tank.

Turning on and off (lock) Kamry K1000 Plus

Power on: In the off state, press the power button 5 times strictly within 2 seconds (the indicator will flash 3 times).

Shutdown: press the power button 5 times in succession within 2 seconds (the white light will blink 3 times)

The K1000 plus clearomizer is made of stainless steel, the tank is made of Purex glass, and the tank volume is 4 ml. The clearomizer has a not-quite-ordinary filling, the same system as the top one, but it is not the top cover that is unscrewed, but the entire body from the base. Having unscrewed the case, you see four rather large holes for filling the e-liquid.

Airflow adjustment in the K1000 plus is traditional, in order to increase or decrease the air supply, you need to turn the adjusting ring on the base of the clearomizer.

Replaceable vaporizers have a resistance of 0.5 Ω and are designed for power from 21 to 35 W.

Please note: Before the first installation, it is good to saturate the vaporizer with e-liquid.

The stylish electronic handset Kamry K1000 Plus will be a great purchase for you or a gift for your loved ones.

The stunning spectacular design and packaging of the e-Pipe K1000 plus electronic cigarette make this kit a great gift! The pipe is made from high-quality walnut wood.

There is no power adjustment in this mod, and there are no comments on taste or bitterness either. The unusually soft, pleasant, rich taste of smoke. The clearomizer has a replaceable head.

The relatively high price is offset by reliability and practicality.

It is recommended not to fill the clearomizer to full capacity.


Brands   KAMRY
Color (from option)   Black
  Wood Grain
Same Day Dispatch
(8 reviews)

Sofia  |  05.08.2021
Germany welcomes vape products from Vawoo. Thanks for making it possible to order. The discounts are always very welcome. Cool stuff doesn't have to cost much or be unavailable.

Will  |  15.02.2021
I think this pipe is an excellent entry for beginners who don't want loads of numbers and screens.. It is very versatile, has enough power and clouds. This is my second one, as i lost my previous on vacation, and i also bought one for my dad, he is very pleased.

Aliza  |  09.02.2021
Love the small kit, easy to use every day. good vapor production and clear taste. Recommended product.

Adam  |  01.02.2021
Wonderful pipe, performs awesome and the flavor is great! I get a lot of compliments about it's design :)

Timothy  |  14.01.2021
Well first impressions on this kit are its well made though the tank that comes with it isn't very good. there are a good few bits though the battery, does last longer though and the mouthpiece fits into other 510 drip tip tanks adding to the fact this came from China it was pretty quick shipping wise now for the bad bits if ya after a gutsy mod then this isn't for you but if ya after a smooth vape and a mellow one then I can say this is definitely for you looks quite like a normal pipe aestheticly so would be good for someone quitting if ya after flavour. the tank that comes with it isn't very good too be honest but when u put a different tank on it wow the flavours pop out an thats when u can vape like a sir


Kamry K1000 Plus ePipe Kit

  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Design
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