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SMOK Nord Replacement Coils - 5pcs/pack

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SMOK Nord Replacement Coils are best suited for NORD AIO 19 & 22 Starter Kits. This is often one of the finest coils accessible on the showcase. The coils can moreover fit the NORD AIO Pod System and the Trinity Alpha Kit as well. These finest coils come in a pack of 5 and the single most prominent alternative for the said gadgets. The coils are prepared with the most recent kanthal mesh. Kanthal mesh is the brand modern include for SMOK. It is the standard ceramic design that too employments natural cotton wicking

Presently, the coils are accessible totally different sizes and distinctive designs. The 0.6-ohm NORD Mesh Coil highlights a one of a kind Honeycomb mesh design and they are outlined for vapes of moo Watt. There are moreover 1.4-ohm NORD Standard Coils, but they come with the conventional plan that of a single-coil, centering on the stream of the discuss and the concentration of the vapor utilized for mouth to lung vaping.

Incredibly, there's moreover a modern plan for 1.4-ohm; the NORD Ceramic Coils. These coils are made to final long and for upgraded flavour too. Essentially, you'll find coils outlined for every vape within the world. Lastly, you may too discover a 0.8-ohm NORD Mesh MTL Coil. This can be different adaptation, planned for mouth to lung NORD Coil and are displayed with the SMOK VAPE Pen Nord 19 & 22 Kits. The SMOK Tech is fair astounding, beginning from building to its planning aspect.

Coil Compatibility

These amazing coils can be utilized with SMOK VAPE Pen NORD 19 & 22, SMOK NORD AIO 19 & 22 Starter Kits. The coils are too consistent with the SMOK NORD AIO Pod System and the Trinity Alpha Kit. Shockingly, this set of 5 coils are not consistent with other SMOK tanks or indeed devices.


0.6-ohm NORD Mesh Coils

A 0.6 ohm Resistance Single Mesh Coil

Maximum Watt 25W

0.8-ohm NORD Mesh MTL Coils

0.8 ohm Resistance Single Mesh MTL Coil

Maximum Watt 16W

1.4-ohm NORD Regular Coils

1.4 ohm Resistance Standard Coil

Maximum Watt 12W

1.4-ohm NORD Ceramic Coils

1.4 ohm Resistance Ceramic Coil

Resistance to Optimal Temperature

The pack of 2

The pack of 0.6-ohm NORD Mesh Coil includes 5 coils and same goes for the 1.4-ohm NORD Regular Coil pack.

SMOK NORD Mesh Coil Lifespan

The usual lifespan of SMOK NORD Mesh Coils is 1-3 weeks. But that timeline is hugely dependent on use of the coils. Not only that, but it is also about the maintenance. But we have also seen that excellent care and maintenance have a direct impact on the lifespan of these coils. Doing this you will save your money and get fresh flavour throughout the use of the coils.  

  • 1. Stop dry hits on the coils.
  • 2. Prime the coils carefully before using them. If you fail to do it, they will burn out permanently.
  • 3. Check the battery life.
  • 4. Regular cleaning.

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Size (from option)   1.4ohm Regular Coil 1.4ohm Ceramic Coil
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(1 reviews)

Mia G.  |  01.01.1970
received this replacement in 9 days do not have problems with it


SMOK Nord Replacement Coils - 5pcs/pack

  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Design
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