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Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod Without Bluetooth Function

 (53 reviews)
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First impressions

When I first got this mod, I liked the design a lot. It’s very similar to the original Pulse mod but with a new chip and a few design changes. It’s small, lightweight, and water-resistant. It’s not IP rated like the Jackaroo or Aegis line, but is water-resistant enough that you can wash it off if need be and it should survive juice spills. It also features Bluetooth and an app as well. It’s got a plastic-ish body like the original Pulse mod, nice replaceable panels on the side, and a color screen. The one big change I noticed is that you can now refill the bottle without removing it via a latch on the bottom of the mod. Overall, I really liked the design from the start. It’s small, lightweight, simple, and easy to fill.


Pulse V2 Mod is the latest in the Pulse line, culminating the best aspects of previous versions, and incorporating the same waterproof technology from the Swell Mod. It adopts bottom fill bottle design that keeps it directly in line with 510. And it is compatible with single 21700, 20700 or18650 battery, which can fire up to 95W max power. And it provides multiple modes for your option, such as Power Mode, Bypass Mode, Voltage Mode, TC-NI Mode, TC-SS Mode and TC-TI Mode. Besides, with PCBA waterproof design, it is easy for you to remove e-juice stain and dust. May it bring you a lot of fun.


Brand Vandy Vape 
Product Name Pulse V2 BF Box Mod
Size 82.3 x 28.4 x 54.7mm
Power Range 5 - 95W
Operating Voltage 3.2 - 4.2V
Output Voltage 0.5 - 6.0V
Max Output Current Protection <34A
Coil Resistance 0.05 - 3ohm
Color G10 Obsidian Black, Rainbow Resin, Sky Blue Resin, Flame Red Resin






1*Pulse II

2*Instruction Manual

1*Warranty Card

1*QC Type-C USB Cable

1*Proper User Guidance

1*18650 Battery Adaptor

2*Squeeze Bottle


1. What tanks will work with my Vandy Vape Pulse V2?

This Mod has a universal spring-loaded 510 connector and is working with most 510 tanks. Recommended is any 510 Vandy Vape tank.

2. How Do I Prime Coils For My Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Kit?

You need to pour some e-liquid of your choice on the coil and the cotton and wait for 5-10 minutes till they get ready for vaping in order to avoid dry hits.

3. What is the power range of this kit?

Power range of Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod is 5-95W - which is enough to satisfy the most vaping types needs.

Short review of Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod Without Bluetooth Function

The updated box mod is the Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Box Mod, developed by Vandy Vape and reviewer Tony B. The squonk v2 box mod has got cool stuff, compatibility with three types of batteries, several refilling options and water resistance, and in general, it looks very cool, let's take a closer look at it.

The hit “Pulse” has been updated to the second version, the squonk has become more technologically advanced, more powerful, it has got a waterproof board, Vandy Vape engineers have also worked on the refilling scheme, now there is quick access to the bottle. Vandy Vape Pulse v2 Mod runs on a single 18650, 20700, or 21700 battery.

Pulse V2 Box Mod is very similar to its predecessors, even though the dimensions are almost the same - 82 mm in height and 28.4x54.7 mm in edges. The case is made of durable ABS plastic, which makes the mod light, and the side panels are decorated with embossed G10 fibreglass, which is distinguished by its strength, and even knife handles are made from it. On the top edge of the Pulse V2 BF 95W, there is a steel landing pad with a diameter of 24 mm, but atoms up to 25 mm will fit here, which is good.

Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod is a medium-sized squonk box powered by a 21700/20700/18650 battery and powered by the proprietary chipset, which will give you good performance and functionality. The company's designers tried to keep the device recognizable as much as possible, although they made the design more modern and ergonomic. The variability of installed batteries will allow you to get good autonomy, and the proprietary Vandy chip chipset provides good performance and functionality. At the same time, the device implements several original ideas related to the filling process of a fairly large bottle. You can buy Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod in four versions - Rainbow Resin, G10 Obsidian Black, Flame Red Resin, and Sky Blue Resin.

Vandy Vape very often creates its devices in collaboration with well-known bloggers and reviewers, and Pulse V2 Mod is no exception, as the ideological inspirer of the creation of this squonk box is Tony B. Such cooperation has several advantages, for example, the wishes of end users are taken into account In any case, the Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod will be a great device for drip lovers.

The design of the Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod is very similar to the first version, but it is more modern, with smoother corners and edges, although it is still a rectangle. It cannot be said that the device is miniature - 82.3x54.7x28.4mm, but this is because it uses 21700 batteries. At the moment there are four colour options, but brighter side panels will probably appear shortly.

The Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod uses acrylic and textured panels to decorate the sidewalls and comes in six styles: obsidian black, stone-look, carbon black, or silver, iridescent acrylic, sky blue, and fiery red. The design theme does not concern the body, it is always black.

It will be difficult to find significant differences in the appearance of the first and second models of the Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod box Mod, the updated device uses familiar design formulas: a rectangular form factor with rounded corners and edges, all controls are located on one end, both side covers are removable (to make it easier to get the battery), a trapezoidal squonk window. And on the connector platform, which accepts atoms up to 25 mm in diameter, the Reuleaux triangle now flaunts. The body is completely plastic. At the bottom, there is a hatch with a lifting magnetic handle.

Pulse V2 Box Mod works on an advanced Vandy Chipboard, which will give out 5-95 watts of power, support for resistance from 0.05 ohms is available. There are many modes here - Variwatt, Varivolt, Bypass (here called Turbo) and Thermal control, they are switched by triple clicking Fire and the “+” and “-” buttons. There are also several preheating options, which can be selected by pressing Fire four times and they are also adjustable, you just have to hold down Fire in the desired mode. The menu itself is opened by simultaneously pressing “+” and “–”, there is a mountain of settings and even the option of automatically adjusting the power to the installed winding.

In the inner world of Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod, there are much more changes: the chipset has been updated, new modes have appeared, a colour display, more power, and even control via a mobile application. Functionally, the squonk is extremely rich, it has everything: basic vaping modes, preheating options (templates with curves), full button blocking (FIR option in the menu), varivolt, interface colour change, and so on. The settings are divided into two submenus, the first one with preheating can be accessed after clicking "Start" 4 times, and the second one by pressing "Plus and Minus" at the same time. With the device turned off, there is such a nuance: it turns off but continues to respond to buttons, notifying through the screen that the power, they say, is turned off (Off).

The manufacturer claims that the Pulse V2 BF 95W board is protected from water. Thus, if dirt, dust or worse gets on the mod, you can remove the drip and battery and just rinse the device under the tap, but you should not swim with it, this is not Aegis for you.

Pulse V2 BF 95W is powered by one 21700, 20700 or 18650 battery, for the latter, there is a special adapter included. 

The Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod is powered by a single 21700/20700 or 18650 battery when using the supplied adapter, thanks to which you can get maximum power of 95 watts. The battery is installed under a removable side panel held by magnets.

The system for supplying liquid from a bottle deserves special attention. Interestingly, the manufacturer provided the device with a bottle that can be refilled both from below (there is a special twist-off ring for this) and from above (the bottle is removed from the device beforehand). The solution is original, non-standard, but at the same time very interesting and practical. To press the bottle, there is a large enough window on the side panel.

Pulse V2 BF 95W has got a silicone bottle with a declared volume of 7 ml, which is a lot. There are three ways to fill a bottle: get a bottle with a 510 connector that can be screwed on instead of an atomizer; pick up the bottle by the key, which is located on the bottom of the box mod, take it out, unscrew the cap from the top and pour the liquid directly; unscrew the bottom cap of the bottle using the same key and simply pour the liquid between the tube and the wall of the bottle.

The bottle is refilled in two ways: lift the hatch handle at the bottom and pull, it so you get the bottle out of the squonk, or unscrew the hatch and pour the liquid directly into the bottle without taking it out. The 2nd method is more convenient, but requires caution, because the device will have to be turned over, and the atomizer may leak. Synchronizing the Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod with a smartphone can be problematic, as Google and Apple's app store policies are unfavourable to the topic of vaping.

Vandy Vape upgraded its top end to the level of an exemplary squonk. Today it is one of the most technologically advanced squonk mods, which allows you to skillfully implement any builds in a single-battery format. Compatibility with three types of batteries gives some flexibility of choice, and, of course, better autonomy. Well, a design word: new design (from third-party authors) panels were promised.

Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Box Mod turned out to be an amazing device. The developers took into account the mistakes of past projects and focused on maximum functionality, but at the same time ease of use. Judge for yourself if you want to buy Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod for the best price which has tonnes of modes and settings, water protection, three standards of supported batteries and Type-C, isn't it cool? Tony B has again made a top device, in this, he is undoubtedly good.

Order delivery of Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod Without Bluetooth Function for the cheapest price and enjoy vaping.

Brands   Vandy Vape
Color (from option)   Silver Carbon Fiber
  Black Carbon Fiber
  Rainbow Resin
  G10 Obsidian Black
  Sky Blue Resin
  Flame Red Resin
(53 reviews)

Girl Power  |  20.09.2022
I should have hung this vandt vape v2 mod a little faster because I broke BC too much with the water and one that fell by showing it to only one mtn I wonder how long it will last if it's more than a year will already be a miracle, we'll see, that's why I chose a mid-range vape pulse v2 box mod.

Mark Moore  |  07.09.2022
I like! excellent v2 mod box, really very pretty with its very soft coating, very easy to use and very reactive. I haven't let go anymore. Perfect VandyVape mod!

Queence  |  07.09.2022
Pleasantly surprised, a complete shipset, a curve mode (a must for me) temperature control etc... nice finishes, nice look, for the moment tested with a vandy vape in pulse mode, very smooth signal which provides good quality of Vape, just a little thing that bothers me the reminder on the screen to unlock when you touch the sensitive keys, and other themes would be welcome... Nothing serious! I put 3D protection, I was a little afraid for the screen and the shiny back. For having had a Geek vape x (report on screen) I find that the vandy vape pulse v2 mod without bluetooth function is much better. Given the price and in general a nice box, good ergonomics, I have the impression that it is not too greedy with its batteries despite the screen, a pleasant vape, to see the responsiveness with a more demanding editing but as said above the curve mode should do the job....with the little hindsight I have. Box validated with performance that competes with more expensive ranges! Just not suitable for all types of vapers, I put 5/5

Colban  |  06.09.2022
Very good little box mod v2 that does exactly what is asked of it. Simple and efficient. The only downside is the battery cover that closes the hatch, it tends on some boxes to move a little from what I've read, just tighten it a little with your hands and everything is in order , it does not move!

James  |  06.09.2022
I am very happy with my new Vandy Vape mod ! Delivered super quickly in a packaging appropriate to the size of the package with a follow-up by email at the top! I recommend everyone to buy this vandy vape pulse v2 mod without bluetooth function.


Vandy Vape Pulse V2 Mod Without Bluetooth Function

  • Convenience
  • Design
  • Safety
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