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Aspire Vilter Pro Kit

 (6 reviews)
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Aspire Vilter Pro Kit Description:

Vilter Pro Kit consists of three parts: device with 420mAh battery capacity, power bank with 1600mAh battery capacity, and pod with 2ml e-juice capacity. You can charge the device via type-c charging port, and the power bank via magnetic wireless charging function simultaneously. The pod has a 1.2ohm mesh coil that is non-replaceable and utilizes Aspire's legendary coil technology to provide incredible pure flavor and perfect throat-hit. You can refill the pod from side. What's more, different drip tip can bring different enjoyment: Vilter Pro drip tip for restricted MTL, Vilter drip tip for loose MTL, Filter drip tip for cigarlike inhale and exhale experience.


Vilter Pro Parameters:

Brand Aspire
Product Name Vilter Pro Kit
Kit Dimension 123.2*37*20.8mm
Device Battery 420mAh
Device Material Stainless steel
Device Auto Draw 3.4V constant output
Device Charging Magnetic wireless charging, 0.5A
Power Bank Material Zinc alloy + Leather
Power Bank Battery 1600mAh battery
Power Bank Charging Type-C, 2A
Pod Capacity 2ml
Pod Material PCTG
Pod Resistance Non-replaceable 1.2ohm mesh coil
Pod Coil Material Kanthal AF
Filling Type Convenient side filling
Color Gold & Hunter Green, Gunmetal & Brown, Black & Grey, Space Grey & Red


Aspire Vilter Pro Details:

  • 1. The 1600mAh (power bank) plus an additional 420mAh battery (device)
  • 2. 2A type-c fast charging
  • 3. Easy side filling
  • 4. Magnetic wireless charging function
  • 5. Battery indicator light
  • 6. Vilter Pro drip tip for restricted MTL
  • 7. Filter drip tip for cigarlike inhale and exhale experience
  • 8. Vilter drip tip for loose MTL
  • 9. Safety protection: Short Circuit/Overheat/Overcharge/Overdischarge/Over Voltage Protection, Low Voltage/Vaping Over-time Protection (only device)


The package of Aspire Vilter Pro Pod Kit Comes With:

1* Vilter Pro Power Bank (1600mAh)
1* Vilter Pro Device (420mAh)
1* Vilter Pro Pod (2ml)
1* POM Drip Tip
3* Filter Drip Tip
1* Type-C Cable
1* User Manual


● E-juice is not included.

● Battery using notice: Make sure to charge in or on a fire-proof surface. Don't leave charging batteries unattended. Please have the fundamental knowledge about the batteries you are using and how to make use of them correctly.

SHORT REVIEW of Aspire Vilter Pro Kit

The Aspire Vilter POD system, as it were, hints that the time of cigarettes and all kinds of IQOS is long gone, it's time to reduce the harm from your addiction by switching to cleaner nicotine deliverers. It was around this concept that Aspire marketers and product managers danced around, developing this device.

The main difference between Vilter pro kit and other pods is a special mouthpiece that can be inserted instead of the usual one. It mimics a cigarette filter and is designed to further simplify the transition from harmful and smelly cigarettes in favour of safer, electronic ones. Therefore, if the goal of buying a sub-system is precisely the transition from one type of smoking to another, Vilter may be a good solution. By the way, the paper filter not only successfully imitates a cigarette filter but also absorbs excess condensate well, preventing it from flowing out. The kit also includes a classic Delrin mouthpiece, because as soon as you get tired of the paper one, throw it away, put the classic one, and fully join the vaping community.

The Aspire Vilter is made of aluminium alloy in a laconic style, and the colours are rather restrained. A simple device in appearance, not particularly visually distinguished in the catalogue. And since the concept of Vilter implies the purchase by beginners, then it does not have any controls. The board independently selects the necessary voltage and protects against short circuits, overcharges, over-discharge, and other moments that can disable Vilter. The only “communication” of the device with the user occurs through the LED indicator, which signals the charge level and cartridge malfunctions.

The absence of controls hints at the presence of auto-traction, and it really is. Vilter understands when you start to inhale and independently transfer voltage to the evaporator, after the end of the draft it immediately turns off. A modern and convenient feature that not only makes smoking more automated but also increases the life of the vaporizer.

The Aspire Vilter works with a 2ml replaceable cartridge that houses a built-in kanthal mesh coil. The mesh is another nice bonus of this device, the taste will be quite saturated, and the time before replacement is many times longer compared to classic evaporators.

The autonomy of the device is within reasonable limits, and the battery capacity is 450 mAh, which is absolutely enough for this type of device. On average, a full charge is enough for a day of use in the format of smoke breaks. And if that's not enough - Aspire claims fast charging via USB-C port. From experience - a full charge will last about 25-30 minutes, which is a pretty good indicator.

The Aspire Vilter pod system is a great alternative to IQOS, cigarettes, and a universal key to the world of vaping.

Vilter Pro Kit comes with a charging dock made of metal alloy and leather in four colours. The device itself is made in a similar way from metal, as well as food-grade PCTG plastic used in the cartridge. The latter supports interchangeable drip types and comes with three samples, including a paper one that mimics a real cigarette filter.

The sub-system itself is equipped with a built-in battery with a capacity of 420 mAh. The device is charged when connected to the docking station with a current of up to 0.5 A. It is proposed to monitor the level of autonomy using a small LED. The voltage supply is activated at the moment of tightening. The case itself, in turn, has a 1600 mAh battery and is charged with a current of 2 A via a USB Type-C connector. The complete cartridge is endowed with an integrated evaporator on a grid with a resistance of 1.2 ohms. The 2 ml tank is filled from the side into the hole under the plug.

The appearance of salt nicotine and liquids based on it can be confidently called a turning point in the history of vaping since it was thanks to them that completely different standards began to be in demand. Many vapers are very happy to vape strong liquids on nicotine salts, as they can be used to satisfy nicotine hunger in a few puffs. But the revolution has affected not only e-liquids but also devices, making popular systems of a closed type or POD systems that are very reminiscent of Egos (which is where many vapers started). POD systems have now become not just a device for vaping, but also a stylish accessory, and one of the leaders in the production of just such stylish devices is Aspirecig, which decided to continue the already popular Vilter series by presenting the Aspire Vilter Pro POD kit.

Aspire Vilter Pro POD kit is a compact POD system equipped with a medium-capacity battery supplied with a power bank, designed to use replaceable cartridges with built-in nicotine salt vaporizers. The POD system itself belongs to the vape pan class since it is made in the form of a small cylinder, but due to the fact that it is equipped with a charging dock, the device becomes a little larger, but its autonomy is significantly increased. The cartridge used in the device, with a built-in 1.2-ohm vaporiser, is designed for a tight cigarette puff. Depending on the preferences of the vaper, you can use both a traditional plastic mouthpiece and replaceable paper cigarettes imitating a filter. The Aspire Vilter Pro POD kit is available in four colours black/grey, gunmetal brown, grey/red and golden green.

Recently, vapers want not only to get convenient and practical POD systems, but also a stylish accessories with which they are not ashamed to go out in public. Therefore, it is not surprising that manufacturers are trying to produce something interesting and non-standard, and the devices must be practical and autonomous. Aspirecig (better known in vaping circles as Aspire) recently launched the Vilter line, which has already won the hearts of many vapers.

Ye Deciding to continue it, the company presented the Aspire Vilter Pro POD kit, which will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding vapers.

The Vilter Pro POD system that you can order online with the delivery itself is made in the popular vape pan format, but this gives it a special chic and gloss. The body is concise, stylish, and strict, not causing the slightest smile. The colours are classic too, and the aluminium alloy body feels nice to the touch. It cannot be said that the device is large, since its dimensions are -123.2 * 15 mm, and it weighs only 31 grams, so when wearing it without a docking station, it will take up minimal space in your pocket or purse.

The POD system is powered by a built-in 420 mAh battery, which is pretty good for such a device. The device is charged in the docking station using a special connector located on the side surface or the second connector on the bottom end (the device is installed vertically in the docking station), with a current of 0.5A.

Due to the fact that Aspire Vilter Pro is the simplest device, it is activated with a puff. The built-in simple chipset allows you to provide the device with a full set of protections and guarantees stable operation of the device at a constant voltage of 3.4 volts. On the surface of the device there is a miniature LED indicator, thanks to which you can monitor the battery charge level, directly charging and activation, which is performed only when puffed.

An important feature of the Aspire Vilter Pro POD kit is the presence of a docking station or power bank for charging in the kit. It looks quite original in the form of a small rectangle, on the side surface of which there is a wide groove for installing an Aspire Vilter POD system. Inside this groove are the power pins to which the device is connected.

Power bank Aspire Vilter Pro is equipped with a 1600 mAh battery, which is charged using a USB Type-C connector located on the bottom of the device, with a current of 2A. Next to the charging connector, there is a power button and an LED that indicates the level of battery charge.

Considering that the Aspire Vilter Pro POD kit that you can buy online is a fairly simple POD system, it uses an equally simple cartridge with a built-in 1.2-ohm mesh coil. Interestingly, the drip tip in the cartridge is replaceable, so the vaper can use both a traditional plastic drip tip and one of three complete paper ones that mimic the filter of a regular cigarette.

To refill the cartridge, it is necessary to remove it from the battery pack, open the silicone cap on the side surface and pour in 2 ml of e-liquid.

The Aspire Vilter Pro POD kit for the cheapest price is a rather original device that will be a real boon for vapers looking for good autonomy and making sure that the POD system is the complement of the image. At the same time, the vaper will receive a decent POD system, which will be indispensable for vaping e-liquids based on nicotine salts.

Brands   ASPIRE
Color (from option)   Gold & Hunter Green
  Gunmetal & Brown
  Black & Grey
  Space Grey & Red
Type (from option)   Standard Version
(6 reviews)

Maria  |  15.11.2022
A perfect little Aspire Vilter Pro Kit Black Grey for MTL with amazing flavors

Richard  |  08.11.2022
Superb device. Finally a really tight MTL vape identical to a cigarette :) Level leak or drop of liquid that goes up in the mouth = ZERO! Received for 4 days And for 4 days in the clouds :-P I bought Aspire Vilter pod system Gold & Hunter Green and I'm really satisfied with this color!

Helen  |  05.11.2022
Very good Aspire Vilter kit that everyone can buy easily here, the filters really give the impression of a cigarette. Large enough battery. And the power bank is a real plus. Also, I want to say about the colour of the Aspire Vilter Pro Kit Gunmetal & Brown is the best one in my opinion. Thanks for the fast delivery.

Denis  |  27.10.2022
Super discovery, a very elegant Vilter Pro Kit by Aspire Space Grey and Red and really reactive in terms of the draw, it responds to a quarter. However, be careful of the fall when you take it out of your pocket because it quickly unhooks from its power bank. Otherwise, I rate this vilter pod system 4/5

Peter  |  08.10.2022
Good Aspire Vilter Pro Kit Gold & Hunter Green, practical with the charger, allows you to vape for two days without charging, good rendering of flavors, and thanks for the delivery services to my country, appreciate that


Aspire Vilter Pro Kit

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