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GeekVape ZX RTA

 (57 reviews)
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ZEUS X RTA is the final release of Zeus series. The postless build deck creates an easy way for single/dual coil building. Crafted from stainless steel, it is ultra durable and super easy to clean. The RTA comes with convenient top-filling system with leak-proof top airflow and top-to-side airflow structure. And the multiple holes on the inner chimney provide smooth air inlet to the coil. All pieces of the RTA can be detached and reassembled.  Get it to update your vaping experience to a brand new level!

GeekVape Zeus X Parameters:

Brand GeekVape
Size 25mmx47.8mm
Capacity 4.5ml
Type Single/Dual Coil RTA

GeekVape ZX RTA

GeekVape Zeus X Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Details:

  • 1. Postless build deck for easy building
  • 2. Supports single/dual coil building
  • 3. Detachable inner chamber for convenient cleaning access
  • 4. All parts of the RTA can be detached and reassembled
  • 5. Double chimney design for optimal flavor
  • 6. Top airflow and top-to-side airflow eliminates leakage
  • 7. Six colors: SS, Black, Gunmetal, Blue, Rainbow, Red&Black 

GeekVape ZX RTA

The package of GeekVape Zeus X Comes With:

●1 x GeekVape Zeus X RTA (4.5ml)

●1 x Spare Glass Tube (3.5ml)

●1 x 810 drip tip

●2 x Ni80 0.4ohm Coil

●1 x Spare Parts Pack

●1 x Hex Wrench

●1 x GV Triangular Tool

●2 x Feather Cotton

●1 x User Manual

●1 x Warranty Card


Short review about GeekVape ZX RTA


Most vapers, especially those who have been vaping for a long time, prefer to find higher-performance devices that will allow you to get the maximum flavour and maximum vapour. Soon, a lot of different devices appeared - both tanks and box mods. And this does not go out of fashion - they allow the vaper to install the winding that he likes the most because the main advantage of GeekVape ZX RTA tanks that you can buy online is the ability to wind it himself. But on the other hand, these types of atomizers are not suitable for beginners, who find it easier to use ready-made vaporizers and not waste time winding.

The most productive atomizer in the GeekVape Zeus X RTA series, equipped with leakage protection and good volume. In our opinion, despite the small jambs and rather complex design, the tank is one of the best among the double coils at the moment. So we will recommend buying Zeus X RTA for a long time, and now in more detail.

The GeekVape Zeus X atomizer is a dream come true for every flavorer. The Zeus X RTA tank that you can order with delivery is not only capable of impressive flavour transfer but is also leak-proof due to the top-mounted air intake.

According to the creators of the GeekVape company, even the Supreme God, the lord of vaping Olympus Zeus must be updated periodically to meet the desires and aspirations of thousands of armies of vapers who love the cult of Zeus on earth. In the current reincarnation of the X RTA, the thunderer appeared in a fairly modern design that meets the requirements of the 21st century.

It is possible that the body of the tank for the new Zeus X RTA was made by the god Hephaestus himself, forging it from reliable, time-tested 304 stainless steel. In comparison with its predecessors, the tank slightly grew to 39.1 mm without a drip-type, Zeus weighs - 61 grams. The landing diameter of the atom, slightly fitted in the lower part, is 25 mm, and when using bubble glass, the maximum diameter is 29 mm. On the top platform of the atomizer, there is a landing hole for 810-diameter drip-types and, at the request of the owner, the tank can be topped with low-profile black dieldrin or more elongated amber Ultem drip-type available in the delivery set. A true sign of Olympic generosity is the adapter gifted by the gods to connoisseurs of archaic 510 drip types.

Filling the GeekVape ZX RTA which you can order with delivery is simply adding e-liquid, which is carried out in two wide hatches located under the top cover, which is attached to the atomizer body with a bayonet connection. There are two flasks to choose from as a tank shell: a regular cylindrical glass flask with a capacity of 2 ml and a bubble - a flask that makes it possible to increase the volume to 4.5 ml.

Air intake is carried out through two oval holes of the adjusting ring located at the top of the atomizer. Further, the airflow descends along the outer wall of the dome and through the honeycomb, holes enter the inner air chamber to the spirals.

geekvape zx rta has two racks designed to install one or two coils. The legs of the coils are fixed in the racks with the help of slotted screws. The dome of Zeus is double-walled, the conical processing of the inner surface contributes to a deeper rich flavour transfer, and the performance of two spirals allows you to wrap the entire Hellas with steam. The 510th connector with a gold-plated pin is traditionally located on the bottom plane. The Zeus X RTA is available in six colours: blue, blued, iridescent, black, steel and red-black.

The Geek Vape Zeus X RTA universal serviceable base will prove its simplicity to the user more than once because one or two coils of almost any configuration can be installed inside.

For you to simply enjoy the taste without worrying about leaks, the manufacturer has implemented an original blowing system in Zeus X which you can obtain online with delivery, where the air is taken from a pair of adjustable holes at the top cover and circulates along the entire length of the case, rushing down. Such an implementation of blowing made it possible not only to maintain protection against leaks but also to provide an amazing taste, since air enters the spirals at the same angle as with conventional side blowing.

GeekVape has already shown several atomizers in this line, and the rta geekvape Zeus X tank was some kind of completion of the series, incorporating previous experience. The dimensions were 43 mm in height and 25 mm in landing, so we did have not the highest, but rather a wide evaporator. Such dimensions made it possible to fit 4.5 ml with Bubble glass or 3.5 ml with a regular one in the tank of the RTA Zeus X tank, which is also not bad. In the upper part, there is an 810 drip tip, of which there are 2 pieces in the kit.

Air enters the Zeus X RTA through 2 openings at the top, which automatically gives it the status of a non-spill, as the liquid will not be able to rise through the air ducts. The refuelling cover received a quick-release connection without a thread so as not to squeeze out the liquid during fixation, and under it, there is a blower adjustment ring.

Having made its way inside, the air is directed down the double shaft, from where it unfolds on a spiral from the side and from above, through many small holes. With this blowing, the airflow flows around the spirals from three sides, increasing the effective vaporizer area, so that the 

amount of vapour will be very large, as well as the amount of taste.

Base in GeekVape Zeus X RTA

The base of the GeekVape ZX RTA has two stands, but the installation of the legs is vertical and quite convenient, as in this particular case it allows you to trim the legs after fixing them. The deck itself in the Zeus X tank is raised, so we have a GTA system in front of us, which is good both for taste transfer, because the steam line is shorter, and for laying cotton wool, because you only need to put the tails in through grooves, you don’t need to align the length especially. If you prefer to cut the legs before installing the coils and use the Trimming Tool, then it is 

recommended leaving about 4.5 mm.

Why is GeekVape Zeus X one of the best?

поWe tried many atomizers, this one too, and we can say that there are too many details, there is also pot-blindness, not everyone will like the drip tip, but you can still spill the non-spill if you try. However, the taste of the GeekVape Zeus X tank is very good and the vapour is cool and soft, the performance is high. So in terms of taste, Zeus X RTA deserves its place in Olympus.

If you want technical data, then we have 2 glasses with a margin of 3.5 / 4.5 ml, which is a lot, protection against leaks, support for high powers and coils, a quick release in the lid and the traditional 810 formats of the drip tip. Well, the GeekVape company, to put it mildly, is not a beginner, they know how to make atomizers for all time, like bestsellers, Zeus X is an example of this.

You can buy online GeekVape Zeus X RTA with delivery on our platform.


Brands   Geekvape
Color (from option)   Black
  Sapphire Blue
  Red Black
Same Day Dispatch
(57 reviews)

Oleg  |  06.09.2022
GeekVape ZX RTA is terrifyingly efficient! Excellent rendering of flavor, good volume of vapor, capacity largely correct to last 24 hours without refilling (well, with my conso in any case) and finally, a simple assembly with, for once, a deck spacious enough to make its assemblies comfortably. Everything hangs in the wind. Robust. Really well thought out. The cable capillary system is simply brilliant. It comes with a longer "marbled" drip-tip, very classy and ideal for not too hot MTL. I recommend to buy zeus everyone !

Flaw  |  06.09.2022
This ato zeus x is very good, very interesting value for money. (still less crazy than these two big refs, but I recommend to buy zeus with my eyes closed) Most versatile air flow adjustment, you will find what you are looking for. The cables do the job to the last drop. Excellent finish. Easy assembly without any leakage, very good restitution of flavors.

Melanie  |  06.09.2022
tray of zeus x is too small to accommodate 2 coils following the rise of hot and burning e-liquid even if we carefully follow the professional tutorials, however brilliant in mono coil good rendering of flavor of zeus x.

Papa Cloid  |  06.09.2022
perfect design of rta geekvape, perfect anti-leakage, perfect product finish, the height of the bell is well reflected in relation to the coils...perfect quality of the vapor zeus wothout any problems, the tastes are good in the mouth.

Colbie  |  05.09.2022
The zx RTA reload is just awesome. Easy to coil, very effective, and no leaks. Besides, he's handsome. Taken in gold, it is not flashy or hardware. Super happy with my purchase of vapor zeus.


GeekVape ZX RTA

  • Convenience
  • Design
  • Safety
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