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Menthol - 30ml Liqua E-Liquid

€2.22 €9.33
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Brand: LIQUA

Unit: 30ml/bottle

Base: 50%PG+50%VG

Flavor: Menthol

Strength: 18mg/12mg/6mg/3mg/0mg

Packaging: Childproof plastic bottle in a paper box

Flavor introduction:


Bright Tobacco: The excellent clean taste of Virginia tobacco with a woodsy spice and delicate aroma.
American Blend: Classic Virginia tobaccos, with hints of honey, blend together to create smooth and sweet American Blend.
Cuban Cigar: Smooth flavor and a sweet finish provide the distinct taste of a true Cuban cigar.
Dark Tobacco: Taste the strength of real dark tobacco with nutty tones and a natural aroma.
Traditional Tobacco: The distinctive taste of tobacco, complemented by a spicy yet sweet sandalwood fragrance.
Turkish Tobacco: A warm, sweet honey finish and spicy oriental aroma takes classic tobacco to the next level of sophistication.
Red Tobacco: Red tobacco is the ideal blend of fruit and flue-cured tobacco, with nutty undertones and a pinch of spice. It perfectly fuses oriental flavour and aroma.


Berry Mix: A combination of fresh strawberries, juicy cherries, tart grapes, and tangy citrus combine in our Berry Mix flavor.
Blackberry: Blackberry combines the incredible juiciness of freshly picked blackberries, with a subtle sweet and sour kick.
Cherry: A fusion of fresh cherries, with the perfect balance of sweet tartness.
Blackcurrant: Blackcurrant has a sweet taste that resembles fresh marmalade, with sweet and sour undertones and a clean finish.
Strawberry: A distinctive natural flavor of freshly harvested strawberries and a gently lingering sweet aroma.


Peach: Experience the freshness and lushness of real peach flavor with every puff you vape.
Pineapple: Tropical sweetness with just the right amount of tartness. This is the taste of real pineapple.
Apple: With just the right amount of crisp sweetness and an even sweeter aroma, the Apple flavor will delight the taste buds.
Watermelon: The fruity and refreshing flavor of watermelon pairs fresh fruit flavors with the perfect amount of sweetness.
Orange: This vape combines the sweet notes of mandarins and oranges into a refreshing blend of sweet and sour.
Melon: Enjoy the fresh taste of juicy honeydew melons. A sweet, refreshing favorite.


Licorice: Black Licorice tastes of anise and candy with a creamy finish and sweet aroma.
Menthol: With its smooth, crisp flavor and icy undertones, Menthol will refresh and invigorate you.
Two Mints: Stimulate your senses with this refreshing blend of sweet and herbal minty tones.


Black Tea: The perfect afternoon vape -a rich and velvety black tea to accompany your late day snack.
Coffee: The perfect blend of roasted Italian coffee beans, hints of caramel and nuts and a pleasantly sweet aroma.
Cola: A rich and pleasantly sweet flavor, complimented by a hint of lemon and lime, and finished with a sweet aroma.
Extreme Drink: This vape delights with a sweet aroma and fruity taste, reminiscent of a true energy drink.
Caramel: Improve your day with the sweet, sweet taste of chewy caramel contained in a delicious vape.


Chocolate: Chocolate offers a pleasantly rich, velvety, Belgium chocolate taste, accompanied by a rich fragrance.
Cookies: A delicious, sugary butter cookie captured in a vape that you are sure to love.
Cream: This is a sweetened cream flavor which will sweeten your day, all day long.
Vanilla: Experience the full, rich flavor of French vanilla, with soft creamy tones and a natural aroma.

Brands   LIQUA
Attr1 (from option)   Menthol
Attr2 (from option)   3mg
(1 reviews)

Flavor accuracy
Vapor amount
Flavor accuracy
Vapor amount
Aleksandar  |  11.07.2023 Bulgaria
At first, I wasn't sure how this menthol flavor was going to compare to the other flavors offered by the same brand. I was pleasantly surprised when I vaped it; it was incredibly smooth and not overly powerful like other menthols I've tried before. The flavor was the perfect balance between sweet and minty, making it really enjoyable. The vapor production with this e-liquid was surprisingly robust, given its low nicotine content. It had a great throat hit that wasn't too overwhelming, so it was pleasant to keep vaping for an extended period of time. Overall, I found the menthol - 30ml liqua e-liquid to be an excellent addition to the brand's existing flavors.


Menthol - 30ml Liqua E-Liquid

  • Flavor accuracy
  • Mouthfeel
  • Vapor amount
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